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XIAOMI MIJIA Electric Shaver Razor S500C S500 Shaving Rechargeable Trimmer Beard Triple Blade For Men's Dry Wet Machine Shaving

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Brand Name: xiaomi

Power Type: Rechargeable

Certification: CE

Gender: Male

Origin: CN(Origin)

Feature: for Men Beard Hair Trimmer

With trimming device: Yes

Material: PPG

Charging Time: 1.5h

Usage Time: 60Mins

Washing Mode: Whole body washing

Time to market: 2020

Item Type: Electric Shaver

Voltage: Global Universal(100-240V)

Model Number: S500C

Use: Body

Size: Xiaomi Mijia Electric Shaver S500C

Support: Rechargeable 3Drop Shipping D Head Dry Wet Shaving Washable Dual Blade

Feature 1: Xiaomi Electric Shaver S500C Flex Razor Dry Wet Shaving Washable

Feature 2: electric shaver

Feature 3: Trimmer beard

Feature 4: electric shaver for men

Feature 5: Trimmer beard

Feature 6: Electric razors

MIJIA Electric Shaver S500C Main Features
* The Xiaomi electric shaver adopts the 360-degree floating system and 3 blades.
* It can adapt to various facial contours and leave no stubble in the corner.
* The dicyclic knife net design and the waterproof characteristic give users a better shave experience.
* IFT suspension floating decompression. More comfortable
* 3 In 1 shaving,cleansing, hair on temples triming
* Dicyclic Knife Net  Dicyclic Blade
* Double-layer blades for a cleaner and more thorough shave
* ECM electrochemical processing technology,the cutter head is wear-resistant.
* Acceleration mode Deep Cleansing
* LED digital display,4 major functions display
* IPX7 is completely waterproof
* Charge for 2 hours and run for 60 Minutes

Package Included
1x Xiaomi S500C Electric Shaver
1*travel box
1*Temple knife
1*Cleansing brush
1x Charging Cable
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Manuals

Three functions for one machine, everything
Shaving, cleansing, repairing 3 in 1
triple blade floating 360 ° 
IFT suspension floating decompression 
Type-C universal charging port

Shave clean, fast and comfortable
Mijia Electric Shaver S500C has 3 blades floating at 360 °. With double-layer blades, shaving is fast and clean. At the same time, the innovative use of floating floating technology makes the shaving process more comfortable and smooth.

3 Blades, 360 degree float shaving
The Xiaomi electric razor is designed with a 360 degree floating system and 3 blades.
it can easily handle the facial hair of different corners of the face and leave no trace.
Dicyclic Knife Net  Dicyclic Blade
Xiaomi electric shaver adopts dicyclic knife net design. The amount of beard increases by 50 percent compared with single-ring knife net.
the inner and outer ring blades perfectly match the distribution of the inner and outer ring meshes and effectively balance the shaving efficency.
IFT suspension floating decompression. More comfortable
Using IFT suspension and floating technology, the cutter head can be suspended and floated to cushion facial pressure and smooth and comfortable shaving.

More than just shaving, cleansing and repairing 3 in 1
The cutter head is replaceable. In addition to the shaver head, Mijia Electric Shaver S500C is also equipped with a corner cutter head and a bamboo charcoal cleansing brush head. One machine with three functions helps you to create a refreshing sportsman.

Modified corner cutter head
Safe repair without damaging the skin
High-performance stainless steel imported from South Korea, the cutter head speed is up to 3000 times / minute, quick repair. Safety double blade design, movable knife trimming, fixed knife isolation, shaving without hurting skin.

Bamboo charcoal cleansing brush head
Deeply removes skin dirt
With more than 20,000 microfiber bristles, soft and delicate, with fine and porous bamboo charcoal molecules, it gently adsorbs dirt and oil in pores and deeply cleanses the skin.

Acceleration Gear   Deep Cleansing
It uses the MABUCHI MOTOR 260 MOTOR, It has two gears: standard gear and acceleration gear.
This standard gear is suitable for users with a general beard density, and the acceleration gear can be used to give the razor a 3.9m / second cutting speed, suitable for the deep cleansing needs of the thick bearded users.

LED digital display
4 major functions display, smart and intimate
* Each time the machine is turned on, the display shows the current remaining battery percentage.
* When the power is less than 5%, the display power number flashes to remind charging.
* In the off state, press and hold the key to open the travel lock to prevent accidental startup.
* When there are too many beards accumulated, the washing / fault lamp lights up, reminding to clean the beards in time.

IPX7 Completely Waterproof
It uses the IPX7 waterproof design.
The machine can be washed directly, very convenient.

Charge for 2 hours and run for 60 Minutes
The Xiaomi shaver is equipped with a built in lithium battery.
It can run for 60 minutes in full power and can be shaved 30 times.
ECM electrochemical processing technology
Smooth knife net, wear-resistant cutter head
The cutter head and the cutter net are processed by the ECM electrochemical process, which avoids the occurrence of metal burrs and greatly improves the wear resistance of the cutter. The knife net is smooth and the cutter head is wear-resistant.

PPG anti-fingerprint touch paint
Reduce fingerprints and other imprints during hand-holding. At the same time, the overall grip of the shaver is more comfortable.

Removable cutter head for easy disassembly and cleaning
Detachable body, the cutter head can be easily removed, flexible and convenient, worry-free cleaning.

Portable travel case
High-quality PU leather fabric, exquisite and beautiful. Lightweight and easy to carry.

Quality Set, Your Choice
Shaving, cleansing, repairing three-in-one set, with gift-grade packaging, gift selection, show your heart.