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Vuke K03 10000MAH Powerbank


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Lithium Polymer Battery: 10000 mAh lithium polymer battery cell, safe charging all day, smart chip optimizes charging for longer service life.
Fast Charging Power Bank: This power bank supports fast charging and offers superior charging support for up to 18 W, thereby ensuring that your gadgets are charged quickly and efficiently.
Multi-port 10000 mAh power bank: 4 input interface - micro USB, Type C, lightning, any cable can be used.
Excessive usage of your devices for gaming, playing music, business, etc. can drain your battery too often. This is where Vuke K03 10000MAH Powerbank comes in handy. Your ultimate power package to carry along wherever. Enables extremely fast charging for all kinds of smartphones. The device has a battery indicator that helps you make sure your power bank is always charged up. The slim design makes it very pocket-friendly. Multi-layer protection keeps your device guarded at all times.
Wherever you are Vuke K03 10000MAH Powerbank will always ensure your mobile phone, tablet, and other devices including wearables never run out of juice.

Product Colour: White; Black

Package Content: 1x Vuke K03 10000MAH Powerbank and charging cable

Product Highlight:
Real standard polymer battery power supply
Fast charging
Output and Input Dual ports.
Complies With Civil Aviation Technology: Power-bank that can be bought on board compiles with ICAO regulations and safe for air travel.
Four-Way Fast Charging Technology: USB Port design with up to 2.1A output for super-fast charging. Can charge four devices at the same time.
Dual USB With LED Battery Indicator: LED light battery level
Sleek and smart at first glance: Ergonomic design. Fashionable, lightweight with a smooth surface and unique rounded edges.

Manufacturer: YUKE
Country of Origin: China