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USB LED Flashlight

Comes In Random Colours


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Product Description

The colors of the actual items will be slightly different from the items in the pictures for the different monitors and the different light circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding!

Main features

1. Flexible mini USB LED light

2. Can be used anywhere, powered by any devices with a USB port

3. Unique flexible design, also has light weight

4. Ultra bright with low power consumption

5. Rated voltage: 5V

6. Rated power: 1.2 W

7. Material: Silicone

8. Size: 169 * 18 * 9mm


It is portable ultra bright LED Mini light, easy to compact and light to weigh. It can be used on both table and nightstand. so convenient. its soft shadow, avoid the direct LED light shine, more effective protection of vision. its flexible body Suitable for all occasions, Compatible with USB1.0 and USB port, Can be connected to the USB port of the PC.

Package Contents:

1 x USB LED Light (Bubble Bag)