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Bullet Points:
1、It uses the latest ultrasonic chip technology to safely drive out pests and rodents 100% safely for babies and pets.
2、Ultrasonic technology: This ultrasonic repellent uses safe and advanced effective technology. Ultrasonic plugs in ultrasonic insect repellers can disturb and stimulate the nervous system of pests. This is an upgraded pest rejection ultrasonic repeller in 2019.
3、Advanced pest control technology: This ultrasonic insect repeller uses ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves to drive out insects and mice. After about 3 weeks, they will all flee your house. Suitable for mice, rats, ants, bedbugs, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, etc. No mice or cockroaches!
4、Safe and friendly humans and pets: This rodent uses physical means to drive mice and pests away from your house instead of killing them. No toxicity, no noise, no smell, no radiation, no corpses! 100% safe homes and pets have powerful pest control effects.
5、Wide and effective coverage: Outdoor and indoor ultrasonic insect repellers can effectively prevent pests in the 1200 square foot range. Pest removal ultrasonics are widely used in houses, warehouses, shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, and courtyards. Ultrasonic waves cannot pass through the wall, so it is recommended to install an insect repeller in each room.

1.It uses the latest ultrasonic chip technology to safely drive out pests and rodents 100% safely for babies and pets.
2.Ultrasonic technology: This ultrasonic repellent uses safe and advanced effective technology. Ultrasonic plugs in ultrasonic insect repellers can disturb and stimulate the nervous system of pests. This is an upgraded pest removal ultrasonic repeller in 2019.
3.Advanced pest control technology: This ultrasonic insect repeller uses ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves to drive out insects and mice. After about 3 weeks, they will all flee your house. Suitable for mice, rats, ants, bedbugs, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, etc. No mice or cockroaches anymore!
4.Safe and friendly humans and pets: This repeller uses physical means to drive mice and pests away from your house instead of killing them. No toxicity, no noise, no smell, no radiation, no corpses! 100% safe for homes and pets, have powerful pest control effects.
5.Wide and effective coverage: Outdoor and indoor ultrasonic insect repellers can effectively prevent pests in the 1200 square foot range. Pest removal ultrasonics are widely used in houses, warehouses, shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, and courtyards. Ultrasonic waves cannot pass through the wall, so it is recommended to install an insect repeller in each room.
6.Easy to use and worth buying: As a plug-and-play device, the mouse insect repellent also provides a night illumination mode in the dark. Remember to insert it 10 to 30 inches from the ground for better insect control and let it do the rest.

1.Effective for most pests: Repellent of mosquito, mice, rats, spiders, bedbugs, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, moths, fleas, flies, insects, etc.
2.100% safe for children, pregnant women and pets: Physical technology, no odor, no radiation, no chemical composition.
3.Easy to use: Just plug the insect repellent into the socket. There are no more poisons, sprays, traps, sprayers or baits.
4.Wide range of applications: Flea mosquito repellent can be inserted into indoor, office, restaurant, garage, warehouse, basement and so on.
5.Latest ultrasonic technology: Ultrasonic controlled ultrasonic waves are designed with the latest technology.
6.Night light features: Mosquito repellent provides a soft glow in the dark.

1.Weight: about 67.5g
2.Color: white
3.Specifications: US plug, EU plug, UK plug, AU plug
4.Size: about 9*6*3cm/3.54*2.36*1.18in
5.Color box packaging size: about 9.5*6.5*5.5cm/3.74*2.56*2.17in
6.Rated voltage: 90~220(V)
7.Rated frequency: 50~60 (HZ)
8.Rated power 5 (W)

1* ultrasonic pest repeller

Working principle: The ultrasonic frequency emitted by the insect repeller is 22-65KHz. By disturbing the central nervous system, the pests feel uncomfortable, and only need to drive out the pests without killing them.


Works Better When you have Multiple repellant.