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Trend Suit Smart Bracelet 4 + Gold Plated Wrist Bracelet


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The super amazing combo of the Trend Suit Bracelet 4 and a Gold Plated Wrist Bracelet! Technology meets Class at a fantastic bargain.
Trend Suit Smart Bracelet 4 satisfies your daily needs. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or focused more on a healthier lifestyle, it works perfectly to help you achieve your fitness goals. Pedometer, sleep monitor, and reminders are easily accessible, so you can visualize the progress you've made by using the App. A variety of custom dials make it easy to respond to every scene and easily express every mood.
Additional features include: information push, health monitoring, sports tracking, call reminder, smart reminder, sleep analysis, mobile positioning, step counting, tracking/alarm, audio and video entertainment, social entertainment, remote self-timer.
System requirements: Android 4.4 and above/IOS8.0 or above.

Gold Plated Wrist Bracelet is a trendy piece that can be worn on casual, corporate and traditional wears. It is fashionable and of the highest quality.
Reliable. A perfect combination of style and craftsmanship.
Secure elegance around your wrist.

Package Includes: Trend Suit Smart Bracelet 4 + Gold Plated Wrist Bracelet

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