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Trend Suit Airpod Silicone Case + Anti-Lost Rope and Silicone Watch Band Holder

Please Note: This Product Doesn't Come With An AirPod


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Get This Amazing Combination for Your Airpods.

Product Description 1

Are you still bothered by Apple Airpods Charging Case easy to have scratches? Accidental fall results in your Airpods to be damaged? Airpods case help you out from the trouble! Airpods case with Anti-lost strap and carabiner provides perfect protection for your Apple Airpods Charging Case and earphone. Airpod case is designed for Apple Airpods charging case specially, easy to install and uninstall without damaging. Porotable to carry with carabiner, Charging without removing the Airpod case. It’s made of silicone, dust and plush doesn’t stick onto the surface easily.

1. Install the Apple Airpods Charging Case into the Airpods Accessories Case to protect your Airpods from falling, scratching.
2.The Airpods doesn’t slide from your hand easily with the Airpods Protective Silicone Case.
3.keep you Airpods clean as new always, make Airpods’ lifetime longer.
4.The small cover on the bottom charging port makes charging to Airpods easily without removing the Airpod Accessories case, after charging, the small cover will cover the port automatically to prevent dust from going into the USB port.
5.The waterproof silicone sealing can prevent your AirPods from wetting during raining.

Product Description 2

AirPods Pro Anti-Lost Rope Suitable For Apple Earphone
This anti-lost strap for the Apple Airpods ensures that you can hardly lose your Airpods anymore. This simple, but innovative band has a specially tailored notch on each side where you can safely attach your Airpods. The Airpods are held together when you wear them around your neck.

The strap is made of lightweight, hypoallergenic silicone material that feels very comfortable when worn. The band also contains anti-tangle technology so that it will not get caught in the button when wearing or removing it.

Product Description 3

Multi-Function Silicone Storage Holder, New Third Generation Watchband Anti-Lost


Black And Pink Color Does Not Include Headphones.

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