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SLC -145 Multi-Functional Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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SLC -145 Multi-Functional Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Key Features

  •     Insert TF card or USB flash drive to play music.
  •     Plug in the 3.5mm audio cable as a mobile phone, tablet speaker.
  •     The speaker is internally equipped with a built-in lithium battery, an external      magnetic speaker with 10W power, and a bassy vibrating membrane for sound effects.
  •     Simply plug in the audio cable as an antenna and it becomes a radio with an external speaker.
  •     Small and stylish, it can be connected to Bluetooth/freephone/button to control the music of the mobile phone.
  •     Bluetooth Version:Bluetooth 5.0
  •     Battery Specification: 500mA 3.7v
  •     Play Time:2H
  •     Speaker Specifications: 52MM*1  4ohms  5watts*1
  •     Main Features:Bluetooth, TF card, USB, FM, AUX