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Sanitary Menstrual Pad - 8 Pieces


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Sanitary Menstrual Pad - 8 Pieces


  • Breathable properties make the skin more relaxed and comfortable.
  • The second-generation central processing unit of the innovative technology blue core sanitary napkins can absorb faster and guide penetration faster.
  • The clean mesh surface, the delicate and elegant dry mesh surface, can quickly infiltrate without back seepage, and absorb liquid instantly, keeping the surface clean as before!
  • The towel body adopts a full-circle and double-slot anti-leakage design, which more effectively prevents the leakage of either side of menstrual blood.
  • The adhesive is disconnected in the middle, which can effectively prevent the towel body from wrinkling and breaking.
  • PH value=5.5 tested for bacteriostasis and allergy and balanced with the skin.
  • Three-dimensional protective enclosure without side leakage: It gently fits the curve of the body without any gaps, even if it is a lot of menstrual blood flowing out when turning over at night