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Rocco 10000mAH Powerbank

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Smartphones are loaded with a lot of mobile applications and powered by efficient processors for fast operations. These high-performing mobile devices consume a lot of energy provided by the battery, hence the need for this reliable mobile accessory to boost the battery so as to enjoy the various features available on them. 

Not only aesthetically pleasing, this 10000mah powerful power bank is also portable. This is the perfect travel companion alongside your smartphone, tablet, or digital camera.


  • Standard capacity: 10000mAh (real standard power supply)   
  • Battery specifications: high-quality A-product polymer digital batteries
  • Charging mode: CC/CV (constant current-constant voltage)     
  • Input power: DC 5V/2.0A     
  • Output power: DC5V/2.1A max
  • Size: 139x68.5x15mm   
  • Battery life: charge and discharge cycles ≥ 500 times 
  • Shell material: ABS+PC fireproof shell + frosted fine grain process

Design parameters such as voltage and current fully comply with international standards 

Universal/USB-C  USB Power bank


Exclusive private film the shape conforms to the ergonomic principle, the environmentally friendly fireproof shell, and the feel is comfortable. Built-in ternary high-density polymer batteries, longer cycle life. 2A input 2A output dual USB protection board, safe and intelligent identification circuit, iOS and Android can speed up more than 40 %, in line with the new national standard mobile power standard, 100% real standard. 300+300 v nest paper box, EVA inner support, original style design, exquisite and high-grade