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Purple King Sized Mosquito Net


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* Purple King Sized Mosquito Net helps keep you and your loved ones from mosquitoes, insects and dust particles, thus, with free airflow, ensuring that you can have a good night’s sleep without any interruptions or irritations.
* For Maximum Protection.

Product Colour: Purple

Product Material:
* We don't compromise on quality. Our products are handcrafted, made with strong durable fabric and a professional attention to detail.
* Made of polyester fabric and the finest mesh which ensures super quality and restricts flies and mosquitoes from entering the net.
* No Chemicals Added.

Product Size: 200*200*145 cms (i.e. 6.15*6.15*5 ft)

Note: Strong storage bag included free of cost

Product Highlight:
* Purple King Sized Mosquito Net is designed to provide effective protection against mosquitoes, insect bites, and irritation caused by flies.
* Easy to Install - So simple, it could be done in seconds. Our one point hanging system allows for easy setup with no assembly skills needed.
* No opening for better protection.
* Foldable and self-supporting - Easily foldable and thus easy to wash and easy to use too.
* Lightweight and machine washable.
* Best hygienic solution to protect your kids and family. Compared to use of chemical oil, repellent, cream, coil and others which are harmful to your health.
* Our net truly offers maximum ventilation while you are asleep.
* Elegant makeover for your bedroom. Adding grace and beauty to your home decor.
* Uncompromised quality.
* Great GIFT.

Product Details:
* It is very handy and useful for camping and outdoor events. It is supported by flexible steel wires which gives it a sturdy structure when unfolded. It is made of high-grade pure terylene mesh yarn with super breathability.
* The mesh of this King Sized Mosquito Net is extra fine, keeping even the tiniest monsters out; 300/inch2 = very small holes.
* Breathable fabric allows for a cool & comfortable night sleep while providing top of the line protection.