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Little Key Chain 16GB Microdrive  Flash - Silver


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*Easy to Use - plug and play, no need to install any software. Supports Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / Vista / XP / Unix / 2000 / ME / Linux and Mac OS.
*Microdrive is created with aluminium alloy material which is great for strength and durability.
*Key-shaped; its compact size, allows you to attach to your keychain for aesthetic reasons and also for the more practical reason of avoiding losing your 16GB Microdrive Flash.
*Dust-proof and shockproof.
*Fashion and Convenience - Fashionable and convenient portable storage device allows you to store the information you want to record. Keep your digital world in your pocket.
*Grade A+ Main Control Chip: Wider compatible disk format. More stable data transmission. Longer work life.
*Ultra Thin, Light and Portable.
*Excellent 16GB Microdrive Flash in excellent condition
*Capacity: 16GB = approximately 14.4GB-14.8GB

1. Product Category: U disk
2. Shell material: metal
3. Data transfer rate: 2400 (MB/s)
4. Memory capacity: 16GB
5. Interface: USB 2.0
6. Speed: Maximum read speed 24 (MB/s), maximum write speed 10 (MB/s)
7. Color: Black
8. Write protection switch: support
9. Product size: 47x12x5mm

Product Highlight
*Easy to Use: Backup your photos and contacts with one key operation, take photos, enjoy music and share with your friends
*High-Quality Metal Body: Features a streamlined style as well as durability, fits most phone cases, you can attach it to a keychain to carry.
*Fast Performance: Directly plugs into your lightning port and USB port.
*Longer and slimmer.

Package Content: 1x Little Key Chain 16GB Microdrive  Flash - Silver