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GT2 Pro Subzero Smart Watch


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The GT2 Pro Sub Zero Smart Watch is a stylish and fashionable men's Accessory.

Its dynamic and classy as it serves as a fashion accessory and also a smartwatch.

Fitness tracking features include heart rate recording and heart rate zones, blood oxygen content, and sleep tracking. The production company claims to include stress level monitoring, but this is done via the heart rate sensor and doesn't use the accepted way of testing by galvanic skin response. Activities that can be tracked are varied, such as, cycling and swimming, workouts with rowing, and elliptical machines. The GT2 Pro can withstand pressures of up to 5 atmospheres. There are also indoor and outdoor modes for running and walking. In terms of the price, it is unarguably very affordable. It is an expert fitness tracker, though anyone looking for a smartwatch may find it lacking, due to the proprietary LiteOS.

it is a complete smart, fashion and trendy watch.