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False Magnetic Eye Lashes 003


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Item specifics
  • Item Type: False Eyelash
  • False Eyelashe Length: 0.5-1cm
  • False Eyelashe Type: Other False Eyelashes
  • False Eyelashes Terrier: Transparent Plastic
  • Quantity: 4
  • False Eyelash Craft: Hand Made
  • False Eyelash Material: Other
  • Model Number: MA-01
  • Size: 1 box
  • False Eyelashes Style: Natural Long
Product Description

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  • Packing include: 
    1 Pair Magnetic False Eyelashes: 4 Pcs. Handmade. 
    2 pieces lashes for one eye, so you need 4 pieces lashes for a pair of eyes. 
    How to use
    For best results, first, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Depending on the look you are aiming for, put on a coat or two of mascara (or more for added definition). 
    How to apply: 
    1. Trim off the extended ends of the magnetic eyelashes. Make your natural eyelashes curling up before use. 
    2.Hold one piece of magnetic false eyelashes and position it on the top of your natural lashes, so the outside edge lines up with the edge of your natural lash line. 
    3.Leave the top lashes where it is while picking up the bottom lashes. 
    4.Place the bottom lash under your natural lashes, so it meets and connects with the top lash magnet. 
    How to remove: 
    Take your index finger and thumb and gently slide the two pieces of magnetic eyelashes away from each other. 
    Note: Try to avoid pulling the lashes straight off, as this may alter the shape and look of the lashes. 
    It's better to put the mascara before you wear lashes, in order to make lashed fixed more firmly. 
    Care instructions: 
    Store them properly after using, then you can use them again next time. 
    Gently handle magnetic lashes when applying or removing. 
    Take lashes off before washing your face or showering.
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