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Children's Waterproof Ear Cap


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Shower caps are one of the best things that should be found in a nursing mummy’s bag always.
Children's Waterproof Ear Cap is good for your babies, either at home or when you are out.
Adjustable bath hat for babies, children, etc. Available for 0-6 years.
Protects your toddlers'/kids' eyes from shampoo and water.
Ultra-soft and elastic, our durable Children's Waterproof Ear Cap, made of the highest quality, can be reused as many times as you deem fit. Ease of use is also a significant quality.
The wide front edge prevents eyes from water splashes while the large ear protection protects the ears from water and shampoo during hair washing or showering, keeping the face dry.
Children's Waterproof Ear Cap prevents shampoo and water from entering your kids' ears, eyes or mouth, helping to eliminate your child's risk of water phobias, ear infections and dryness.
Also perfect for hair trimming, cutting and styling as well.

Instructions for use:
Pick up the baby's hair and adjust the rear end of the shampoo cap to be closer to the baby's head circumference.
After positioning buckle gear properly and wear the ear protectors downwards.
Adjust the position of the shampoo cap so that the ear protector completely covers the ear position.
You're done now. Wash your baby's hair and bath.

Product Materials: Premium thermal material which makes the product soft and easy to use.
Made of soft, reliable, lightweight and reusable material.

Package Contains: 1x Children's Waterproof Ear Cap

1. Like any other elastic product, this cap requires some break-in period. During the first few times of use, the elastic centrepiece may feel too tight depending on the size of the head but it will loosen up and feel much comfortable after a few times of use and stretch along with the head growth over time. (some may experience redness on the forehead after use but do not be concerned as it is a temporary effect due to the elastic centrepiece)
2. Children should use it under the supervision of an adult.
3. Due to the lighting effects and shooting angles, there is a colour difference in the product, please understand.
4. Due to manual measurement, there is tolerance in the product size.

Product Highlight:
Gives you as a mother rest of mind when bathing your babies
Makes your babies enjoy bathing always.
Transforms bathing time into fun time.
Protects your baby's face from being hurt by harsh soap.
Provides protection for your baby's face peradventure there's rain.