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Bathroom Ware(4PCS) - White


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Description: 4 Piece Ceramic Bathroom Accessory Set.
Make a style statement on your bathroom vanity or countertop with this Bathroom Accessory Set. The jars can be used for water, storing cotton swabs, cotton balls, wedges and more. The toothbrush holder has three sections to keep toothbrushes separated and organized. The refillable dispenser holds up to five ounces of soap, so plenty is always within reach.

Product Colour: Grey (Transparent)

Product Material: Ceramic.

In the box:
* 1 toothbrush holder that can store multiple toothbrushes.
* 1 refillable soap pump dispenser that holds up to five ounces of soap.
* 2 jars.

Product Highlight:
* Fits perfectly on bathroom vanities and countertops.
* The reusable and refillable dispenser pump holds soap, hand sanitizer or essential oils in a stylish and fashionable container.
* Stainless steel pump on dispenser to match sturdy classical ceramic theme.
* Durable set.
* Easy setup.
* Easy to clean.
* Keep everything in the same place, make your sink area neat and tidy.