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All In One Universal Travel Adaptor


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All In One Universal Travel Adaptor

Whether travelling for business or leisure, we have all encountered the problem of electrical equipment that cannot be used in the destination country, simply because the mains plug does not fit.

Put an end to your mains misery with the All-In-One travel adaptor - your ideal travel companion.

Travel plugs are completely safe, always reliable and of the highest quality. Thanks to its integrated protective wire, even 3-pole devices with an earthed plug can be connected. Whether for laptop, hair dryer, shaver, digital camera or mobile phone – the  travel plug provides unlimited energy in more than 150 countries worldwide.


  • Meets all relevant international safety standards
  • Specifically designed for devices with 2- or 3-pin plugs of protection classes I and II
  • Suitable for unrestricted use with devices of protection class I
  • Two-piece adapter allows connecting devices with earthed plug