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16 GB Short Silver Microdrive Flashdrive


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*Super Mini; Light and Portable.
*Easy to Use - plug and play, no need to install any software. Supports Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / Vista / XP / Unix / 2000 / ME / Linux and Mac OS.
*Microdrive is created with aluminium alloy material which is great for strength and durability.
*Its compact size allows you to attach to your keychain for aesthetic reasons and also for the more practical reason of avoiding losing your 16GB Microdrive Flash.
*Dust-proof and shockproof.
*Fashion and Convenience - Fashionable and convenient portable storage device allows you to store the information you want to record. Keep your digital world in your pocket.
*Grade A+ Main Control Chip: Wider compatible disk format. More stable data transmission. Longer work life.
*Excellent 16GB Microdrive Flash in excellent condition
*Capacity: 16GB = approximately 14.4GB-14.8GB

1. Product Category: U disk
2. Shell material: metal
3. Data transfer rate: 2400 (MB/s)
4. Memory capacity: 16GB
5. Interface: USB 2.0
6. Speed: Maximum read speed 24 (MB/s), maximum write speed 10 (MB/s)
7. Color: Black
8. Write protection switch: support
9. Product size: 47x12x5mm

Product Highlight
*Easy to Use: Backup your photos and contacts with one key operation, take photos, enjoy music and share with your friends
*High-Quality Metal Body: Features a streamlined style as well as durability, fits most phone cases, you can attach it to a keychain to carry.
*Fast Performance: Directly plugs into your lightning port and USB port.
*Longer and slimmer.

Package Content: 1x 16 GB Short Silver Microdrive Flashdrive

1.To avoid data loss or mechanical damage, do not power down your computer or unplug flash drive during transfer.
2.Please do not remove your USB flash drive when it is being used otherwise your data may get lost.
3.After using USB flash drive, it is better to remove it as soon as possible. That will helps to extend its storage lifetime.
4.Please do not format your USB flash drive frequently, otherwise, the USB will be damaged easily.